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Many features incorporated in this home are not only green but affordable as well, such as straw bale walls, bibb insulation, on demand hot water heating, fireplace used for heating, evaporative cooler used for cooling, VOC paints and caulking, and recycled flooring. Come visit our model located at 2980 Lanning Drive in Redding, California, View Map or you can visit our Webcam at the Shasta Builder's Exchange website.

Agree Park - Green, Affordable Housing - Shasta Construction - Redding, CAShasta Construction has a very flexible building policy. We have worked not only in standard construction situations, but in cost-plus and owner/builder projects. Communication has always been of the utmost importance to us, whether with the client, architect, draftsman, sub-contractor, employee or loan company. We feel it is the key to a successful project that can be completed on time and to everyone's satisfaction. Shasta Construction has a very long list of satisfied customers who make up our extensive reference list.

Please note the differences in pricing from one level to the next. The different levels of pricing are at the discretion of the homeowner.

Note: We cannot give you exact cost, but we would like to inform you as to the average prices in Shasta County. Choose from the pricing levels below to obtain approximate cost. Please feel free to contact our office for more detailed information.

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